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  • What is AIRWOOD

    AIRWOOD Wooden DIY Drone is a serials of four-axis drone with a wooden DIY structure as the frame. It uses universal controllers, motors, batteries, remote controls and other modules to install unmanned aerial frames with different structures. The drone frame structure allows the user to participate in the design or customization, producing a unique, personalized drone without opening the mold. The drone has excellent performance and has the basic performance of the mid-end consumer-grade drone in the market, supporting indoor hovering, aerial photography, programming and other functions.


    We developed many models of AIRWOOD. So you can buy any AIRWOOD product and enjoy your time anywhere.


    We developed a serials of courses for AIRWOOD to teach students what is drone, how drones fly and how to design and make a drone.


    We provide customization service for companies or individuals to make them own drone design.

    The AIRWOOD team, which originated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory, set up the company in Shenzhen China in 2016. Our team consists of 13 members now with rich experience. Since company establishment, we has received funding and support from Hong Kong polytechnic university, Shenzhen science and technology innovation commission, Shunde Foundation for Innovation And Entrepreneurship, Chinese academy of sciences and Hong Kong SAR government.
    WEN Fang, Arvin

    WEN Fang, Arvin


    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of XJTU
    MSc of Mechanical Engineering of PolyU
    Previous RA in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the CUHK and PA in the Department of Computer Science of the POLYU

    ZHENG Siqi, Kiki

    ZHENG Siqi, Kiki


    Guangzhou University e-commerce undergraduate.
    10 years of management experience.
    Once worked as an executive manager at a NEEQ listed company, participating in the team from zero construction, operation management to operation listing.

    BAI Jinshui, Kings

    BAI Jinshui, Kings


    Mechanical engineering bachelor
    4 years experience in products design and development
    Used to work as a structural engineer in a famous industrial design company, responsible for ID design, has rich experience in creative development

    LV Yuegui, Grape

    LV Yuegui, Grape

    R&D Manager

    Guangdong ocean university electronic information undergraduate
    Participated in a number of R&D projects at school, with strong hardware development ability and learning ability.
    Responsible for electronic module hardware development

    CAI Xiaobin, Linken

    CAI Xiaobin, Linken


    8 years channel management experience
    Having served as provincial channel manager for children's products at Abbe and Abel
    Has rich and experienced experience in sales management.

    We have sold countless AIRWOOD Prodcuts to thousands schools and kids all over the world. Our clients all spoke highly of AIRWOOD and our company.


    Headmaster of A SCHOOL

    "I've seen a lot of drone and robot classes, but there's never been a class where kids really learn as much as you do."




    "Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100 percent. AIRWOOD is worth much more than I paid. I like AIRWOOD more each day."




    "My kid really love the AIRWOOD drone. He love to fly it, love to assemble it, and even love to design and make it. Thanks to AIRWOOD! "


    Find us at the office

    Room401, Building B15, Zongtai Industrial Park , Yintian Industrial Zone , bao’an Ave , Baoan District , Shenzhen, China

    Email to us

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